I have never really been a “ball sports” fan.  I’ve always been more into “octane sports”.  But, when I was a youngster, I had a few books that were filled with short biographies of famous professional athletes.  Oddly, I really enjoyed reading about them, even though I didn’t watch them that much.

Deuce Lutui displays his musical talents along...
Deuce Lutui displays his musical talents along with Pfc. Ernest Tisdale, foreground, during a Pros vs. GI Joes event at the Cardinals training facility in Tempe, Ariz. on Sept. 22. Pros vs. GI Joes is a non-profit organization that arranges video events between professional athletes and deployed service members. The competition in this event were members of the Ariz. Army national Guard's 1404th Transportation Company presently deployed in Iraq. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of my favorites was a Running Back for the Rams.  I think his name was Sammy White.  He was a smaller guy in a field dominated by really big guys… but he was quite successful.  He attributed a lot of that to coached he’d had as a young player… and one thing in particular.

He had a coach that told him to “always keep your legs moving.”  In other words, keep running all of the time.  When you get hit, pick up your legs for a moment and then put them back down and run some more.

As a ball carrier, he used that advice a LOT.  I do recall watching games where he was hit and would “float” along with the defensive player, not trying to over-power him, but rather just keeping his composure.  Soon enough, he would get his legs ack under him and he would break the tackle and take off again.

The parallel rule that was also coached was to spin when hit.  This made it hard for attackers to keep a grip.

What can we take away from this professionally?

To begin with, when we encounter an attacker (a professional set-back), we can try to power through, but maybe instead we need to just keep our legs moving… keep running… spin.  Whether it is the market, our competition or even ourselves, we have the power to think it through and find a better way to attack.  We can change up our marketing or introduce a new tactic.  Maybe we can redouble our social media, or hit some neighborhoods and walk out a few door-hangers.  Some people might even do a little cold-calling.

It’s all about shaking things up and making something happen.  It’s all up to us…

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