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We’ll assume that you already have a FaceBook (personal) Profile.  In fact, we should start to assume that you already have a FaceBook (Business) Fan Page… because if you don’t, it is like not having a website just a couple of years ago… in fact, you should have several FaceBook Fan Pages.

  • For your business
  • For your farm areas
  • For any other niches you might specialize in
  • For groups you might be associated with

The business one is obvious.  But a lot of agents are leaving the other options on the table.  Do you want another agent to grab the names of the neighborhoods you specialize in, or the other specialties you may have?  Do you want to be the pivot person at the center of your favorite charity, school or other group?  You don’t have to administer them completely by yourself, you just want to be the expert and the owner…

So, we are assuming that you want to do that…

So, since you have a FaceBook Fan Page, you should also want to tweak that monster out.  Here is where we have two options.

The first option is to call Mike Mueller.  He is a fellow Active|Rainer and an all around good guy.  He is one of the people at the front of Fan Page development technology.  He is pretty reasonable, too…

The other option is to dive in to the task yourself.  And that isn’t a bad option.  To begin with, many of the options just require that you play around with them…  and there are a few options…

  • Wall

This is going to be where the action takes place for most Fan Pages.  On this tab you can interact with your fans, as well as allow them to post to your page.  The material that you post to your wall goes out to the feeds of your fan’s pages, and when your fans post to your page’s wall, it appears on their feed as well. I also like to promote my blog posts on my wall.

  • Info

Your business address, email, phone and other information goes here… it is the public profile of your business.  It is also Google searchable and a great place to have links to your blog and/or websites.

  • Notes

Here is where your blog will syndicate to… if you opt for automatic syndication.  Personally, while I think it is ok to have it there, I think it is better to also post it to your wall.  This is also a great place to share information that won’t fit in a wall post.

  • Photos

Pretty self explanatory…

  • Boxes

This is a configureable area that you can have a variety of feeds posted in.

This is the next one I will be playing with…  And this is one that will take a while to learn.  But, here is the quick version…  Go get the application called Static FBML.  FBML stands for FaceBook Mark-up Language.  Utilizing FBML, and even some HTML, you can build a static landing page for your Fan Page… or you can do a lot of other things.  It isn’t quite as flexible as some regular web pages, but there are a lot of possibilities.

So, do YOU have a FaceBook Fan Page, or do you have more than one?  Those should be your choices…

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