I was reading a post on FaceBook the other day… a rant about real estate coaches and “former agents” hawking their success formulas.  The gist of it was that there were so many coaches and people selling plans to help real estate agents be better, more successful and make more money… and most of the people selling them were former real estate agents.  And a lot of those former real estate agents just weren’t that good when they were active.

The point is pretty logical… How can a good, but not great former real estate agent coach or otherwise lead another agent to the success that they themselves apparently couldn’t find?

My father always used to say that one really had to question the motives of those that profited from the suffering of another.  His point was that doctors were, by and large, wonderful people with the best intentions, but there could always be one that was thinking more about his kid’s tuition bill than he was about your actual health while telling you that you needed a specific procedure.  And that is a therapist was totally successful, they might run out of clients…

As a result, I DO wonder if it is really something needed or just a profit center when the dentist tells me that I need a “deep cleaning”.

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On the flip side, if the coach has to be better than the coached, why would Tiger Woods hire one?  In fact, seldom is the coach better at the sport than the top-flight athlete that hires him.  Bela Karolyi  has coached nine Olympic champions, fifteen world champions, sixteen European medalists and six U.S. national champions.  But he was a boxer and member of the Romanian Hammer Throwing Team.  Notice, he was never a World-class gymnast… and certainly didn’t compete in Women’s Gymnastics.

But it would be hard to argue that he hasn’t been one of the best coaches in the world.

So, the questions remain, WHY should I spend my money to buy “the system” created by some real estate agent that might have only been marginally more productive than me?  WHY should I spend MY money to hire a coach that hasn’t actually dealt with the realities of today’s market?

I can’t answer that for you.  Some are good, some are just looking for a different revenue stream.  Some may just be tired of the day-to-day grind of real estate.

I know that I’m assaulted by offers for “unbelievable deals” on “the ultimate systems/coach/package” to allow me to be the “most successful agent EVER”.  For the low price of $____, I can have it all…

The same goes for all of the new technology…


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