Recent home sales, by the numbersMany beginning bloggers have trouble narrowing down their blog to just one thing.  This is especially true of those of us in the real estate blogging world.  We write about local and national market conditions, seller and buyer issues, staging and renovating homes for sale,  improvements and financing.  But then many of us also add local “flavor” posts with information about local events, restaurants celebrities and more.  To top it off, some even write about niche specific things like local equestrian issues, tennis matches and car culture.


But there is a problem with that strategy… and the result is that many readers do exactly the opposite of what we think they will do.  The strategy is that readers surfing for niche info, local event info, restaurant info or any of the other things we are writing about, will be drawn in by our incredible prose… and feel compelled to buy a house, using us as their agent.


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Instead, what often happens is that readers stumble onto the blog from a search, hopefully finding a post that meets the criteria of their search.  And then… a bunch of unrelated posts.  Maybe they are searching for information about 4th of July Fireworks shows in the area.  The chance that they are also looking for a home is pretty slim.  Or, if they ARE in  the housing market, they find your most brilliant market report EVER, and then while looking for more of that real estate information they are craving… all they can find is fluff about the new Smashburger that opened up.  Away they go.


The goal here isn’t to trash the strategy… on the contrary, we real estate professionals have a unique position in the community as its cheerleaders.  We meet a lot of people, and we generally work hard to be involved in the community.  It benefits our business, the community and ourselves as people.

The idea is to turn the strategy on its head.

Maybe instead of trying to make all of that into one “super blog”, instead we should split the effort out into a few different blogs.  Those multiple blogs can do something that the “super blog” can’t do… it can focus.  And several focused blogs will likely retain more readership than one over-reaching blog that completely lacks focus.


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A few years ago I made a decision to split off all of my tech/social media writing from my real estate blog.  There was no discernible drop off in readership… and the tech blog picked up a few readers.  Last year, I split off all of my car posts from my real estate blog (my niche is car hobbyist properties… one could argue that the posts were relevant).  The result has actually been an increase in readership, along with a dramatic drop in the bounce rate.  At the same time, the car blog has built up a modest base of readership on its own.  Pushing it a step further, one of the biggest referral sources for my real estate site is the car blog.  And that is through a discreet ad in one corner of the car blog.


So, maybe a better way to incorporate the strategy is to have multiple blogs, each with its own focus, but each promoting the others, as appropriate.  In  short, give each reader exactly what they are looking for… and trim out the weeds distracting them from what they really want.  Also, give them a clear opportunity to make their way back to your “money-maker”.


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