Remember from the intro post, these are the primary requirements I have for a To Do app for my phone/computer/the cloud…

Among the requirements I have for a to do list are:

  • Repeating Tasks… I write on 4 blogs and maintain a couple of dynamic websites that always need fresh content.  So, I need to remember where I need to write posts each day.  My repeating tasks include:
    • Same day each month (gathering statistics in my local MLS)
    • Same day each week (weekly posts like my 53 Cool Concept series each Sunday)
    • Every X number of days (for places I post every four or eight days, etc)
  • Ability to tag or note which tasks are for which purpose
  • Prioritization (so I don’t get caught up in stuff that doesn’t matter… missing things that are more important)
  • Ability to sync between my mobile device and other devices (laptop, cloud, etc.)
  • That seems pretty simple…

    Fourth up is Todo of Me.

    Repeating Tasks

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    This is the one that kicks out most of the To Do Lists for me.  There are several options, which may make this a great opportunity for some folks, but I felt a little limited.

    • Daily – You can set tasks to repeat daily… just daily.  Not every Tuesday or any other variant.
    • Weekly – Tasks can be set to repeat on a weekly basis, as well.  So, if you have a task that needs to be done every Tuesday, this is the option you would use.  You can’t set it to repeat on multiple selected days without entering each of them separately.
    • Monthly – The next option would be a monthly task.  This can be set a specific day (November 20th for example) but not on a trigger (like the 3rd Saturday of the month).

    Partial Completion

    Tasks can be made partially complete.  This is great if you have multi-part tasks.  They can be unstarted, in-progress or complete.


    We HAVE to be able to focus on the things that are most important.  Checkmark has four priority levels: low, medium, high and emergency (I named them that… they have different color stars in the app).


    This app is pretty bare bones.  It might serve for some, but my calendar/task needs are well beyond this app.  There is a paid/Pro version, and I have not reviewed that version.

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