The Mini-BarCamp CrowdREtechSouth 2010 has wrapped up. It was an incredible event. I have spent the day decompressing from all of the learning of the last two days. The grass is mowed… Toy Story and Toy Story 2 have been acquired for the kids… crops have been grown on Farmville… and I have read some non-tech related blogs.

After every conference and seminar, there comes the real challenge… implementing all of the VERY cool things I’ve learned,

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The invention of the printing press made it po...
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I just got back from vacation… Thank you, I enjoyed it very much… The family went to Disney World for a week. While there, I was experimenting (again) with Live Blogging.

Basically, using my BlackBerry, I was uploading pictures, videos and text posts to a blog throughout the day. I did take a few moments out of the fun, but much of what was included were pictures or videos I wanted anyway. And they were things I wanted to share with friends and family (spelled M-O-M).

And that kept creeping a thought into my mind…

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As the new year rolls around we often look forward and resolve to do things better or differently.  We make plans…

I have a process I go through too…

Why? That is what I have to focus on.  What am I doing here? That is what everything else flows from.

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Are you planning on hitting REtechSouth in Atlanta?  As usual, I have a discount code for tickets.  Brad Nix gave me the hook-up to deliver a 10% discount (affiliate link… that is where the discount comes from) on all ticket levels.  Here is how it breaks down:

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