I was reading a post on FaceBook the other day… a rant about real estate coaches and “former agents” hawking their success formulas.  The gist of it was that there were so many coaches and people selling plans to help real estate agents be better, more successful and make more money… and most of the people selling them were former real estate agents.  And a lot of those former real estate agents just weren’t that good when they were active.

The point is pretty logical… How can a good, but not great former real estate agent coach or otherwise lead another agent to the success that they themselves apparently couldn’t find?

My father always used to say that one really had to question the motives of those that profited from the suffering of another.  His point was that doctors were, by and large, wonderful people with the best intentions, but there could always be one that was thinking more about his kid’s tuition bill than he was about your actual health while telling you that you needed a specific procedure.  And that is a therapist was totally successful, they might run out of clients…

As a result, I DO wonder if it is really something needed or just a profit center when the dentist tells me that I need a “deep cleaning”.

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On the flip side, if the coach has to be better than the coached, why would Tiger Woods hire one?  In fact, seldom is the coach better at the sport than the top-flight athlete that hires him.  Bela Karolyi  has coached nine Olympic champions, fifteen world champions, sixteen European medalists and six U.S. national champions.  But he was a boxer and member of the Romanian Hammer Throwing Team.  Notice, he was never a World-class gymnast… and certainly didn’t compete in Women’s Gymnastics.

But it would be hard to argue that he hasn’t been one of the best coaches in the world.

So, the questions remain, WHY should I spend my money to buy “the system” created by some real estate agent that might have only been marginally more productive than me?  WHY should I spend MY money to hire a coach that hasn’t actually dealt with the realities of today’s market?

I can’t answer that for you.  Some are good, some are just looking for a different revenue stream.  Some may just be tired of the day-to-day grind of real estate.

I know that I’m assaulted by offers for “unbelievable deals” on “the ultimate systems/coach/package” to allow me to be the “most successful agent EVER”.  For the low price of $____, I can have it all…

The same goes for all of the new technology…


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Some of you might know that my “day job” is as a real estate agent with Century 21 Results Realty.  My office is in Cumming, GA, but I generally work in Gwinnett County, in the suburbs of Atlanta.  If you watch my real estate blog, LaneBailey.com, and read the market reports I post up, you would see that here in the Atlanta market, we have definitely moved from a Buyer’s Market to a Seller’s Market.  I can’t say that the real estate recovery is built from bricks, but it is certainly not just sand.

Data provided by ActiveRain, the #1 social community for real estate professionals.

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No, this isn’t an apology post about a missed blog deadline.  Rather, this is a post about what happens when you miss a self-imposed deadline on your blog posting calendar.


Unless you are Seth Godin or Chris Brogan, there is a good chance that the only person that will notice is looking at you in the mirror every morning.  That isn’t to say that your posts aren’t being read, but the value isn’t in being posted on time, it is in being posted.  Please note… missing a deadline is no big deal.  Not posting at all is a problem.  Not posting regularly is also a problem.

Just about every “how-to” post on blogging says that you need to post up at least once a week or your readers will get bored.  And I think that is very reasonable… and a minimum.  I think that posting at least once or twice a week should be an attainable goal.

When I first started blogging, I was so wound up about posting every day that I would go back and post for any days I missed.  But there were two things that I noticed…

  • When I tried to cram in posts to meet an artificial deadline, the quality of the posts suffered.
  • I stressed myself WAY out.
  • Nobody noticed that I was posting up every day… or that I had missed days.

One day it hit me.  Chill out.  And I did it across all of my blogs.  I backed off on the schedule and instituted a calendar to try to be better about being regular.

But on the not to do list is write apology posts when you miss a posting deadline (or even a bunch of them).  Just post up good content and move on.  The apology doesn’t help move your blog forward… and your readers don’t want to spend their time reading it.


Over the coming weeks, we’ll see if we can come up with ways to make keeping up with those post deadlines easier to meet.

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First, there is Jay…

Over on my CoolCaroftheDay.com blog, I recently wrote about a friend of mine that is an Ambassador of 4wheeling.  He actually has a name tag from the United Four Wheel Drive Association that gives him the title of Ambassador.  And he truly is an Ambassador for the sport, hobby and recreational opportunities it brings.  In Jay’s case, ice cream is the conduit.  He hands it out on the trail… and you’ll need to skill over to the second link above to read the story of the mountain bikers in Utah… ice cream in the desert heat.

DSCN3218 (Photo credit: lane.bailey)

Jay is an avid 4wheeler and has been on trails all over the US in his yellow Land Rover Defender 90.  He has given countless hours to volunteering in multiple roles to further 4wheeling and demonstrate that there are responsible and respectful enthusiasts using public lands for motorized recreation.  He makes it personal… handing out ice cream and talking with people one-on-one.

… and then there is Dan.

My friend Dan Sullivan is also an Ambassador.  In his case, he is an Ambassador for the sport of Ice Hockey.  His conduit is a Hockey Camp called Come And Get It (CAGI).  He’s been doing the camp in the Atlanta area for 4 years.  In addition to teaching kids how to play better hockey, he also teaches leadership, perseverance, responsibility and respect.  I’ve written about him on LaneBailey.com.

The kids at camp love him.  And they respect him.  He works them hard, but at the same time he gives so much more than he takes.  He wants kids on the ice that want to play.  The ability to buy their way into camp is WAY less important than their desire to play.  In fact, their level of skill is also less important than their desire to play.  There are a lot of stories that demonstrate exactly who Dan is.  The first is the story of Razor.  You really should click the link and read about him.

So what about you?

Chances are, you ARE an Ambassador.  The question that remains is WHAT are you an Ambassador for?  Jay in an Ambassador for his hobby.  Dan is an Ambassador for his business and his sport (he is a full-time professional Coach now that he is retired as an active professional player).

Are you an Ambassador fro your business… your brand?

There are a lot of people in the social media realm that want others to be Evangelists for their brand.  But until you are a great Ambassador, you will have a hard time finding Evangelists.

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I have never really been a “ball sports” fan.  I’ve always been more into “octane sports”.  But, when I was a youngster, I had a few books that were filled with short biographies of famous professional athletes.  Oddly, I really enjoyed reading about them, even though I didn’t watch them that much.

Deuce Lutui displays his musical talents along...
Deuce Lutui displays his musical talents along with Pfc. Ernest Tisdale, foreground, during a Pros vs. GI Joes event at the Cardinals training facility in Tempe, Ariz. on Sept. 22. Pros vs. GI Joes is a non-profit organization that arranges video events between professional athletes and deployed service members. The competition in this event were members of the Ariz. Army national Guard's 1404th Transportation Company presently deployed in Iraq. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of my favorites was a Running Back for the Rams.  I think his name was Sammy White.  He was a smaller guy in a field dominated by really big guys… but he was quite successful.  He attributed a lot of that to coached he’d had as a young player… and one thing in particular.

He had a coach that told him to “always keep your legs moving.”  In other words, keep running all of the time.  When you get hit, pick up your legs for a moment and then put them back down and run some more.

As a ball carrier, he used that advice a LOT.  I do recall watching games where he was hit and would “float” along with the defensive player, not trying to over-power him, but rather just keeping his composure.  Soon enough, he would get his legs ack under him and he would break the tackle and take off again.

The parallel rule that was also coached was to spin when hit.  This made it hard for attackers to keep a grip.

What can we take away from this professionally?

To begin with, when we encounter an attacker (a professional set-back), we can try to power through, but maybe instead we need to just keep our legs moving… keep running… spin.  Whether it is the market, our competition or even ourselves, we have the power to think it through and find a better way to attack.  We can change up our marketing or introduce a new tactic.  Maybe we can redouble our social media, or hit some neighborhoods and walk out a few door-hangers.  Some people might even do a little cold-calling.

It’s all about shaking things up and making something happen.  It’s all up to us…

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Česky: Závodící anglický chrt English: Greyhound racing Français : Lévrier durant une course. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Another thing I learned in racing school was called “Eyes on the Prize”.  The short lesson was that as drivers were supposed to do everything in our power to train our focus on the spot on the track we wanted the car to go to.  It didn’t matter if we were working on putting down a hot lap, or trying to drive out of a mistake, or clearing an accident on the track… Keep the eyes on the prize, and the prize was the spot we wanted the car to go.

Steering into the skid is a technique.  Threshold braking is a technique.  There are a lot of techniques, and racing schools are about learning the techniques more completely in order to drive at the limit.

As a side note, some say “comfortably drive at the limit”.  If you are comfortable, you aren’t at the limit. 

There are a lot of “Life Coaches” and others that teach this same lesson, applying it to other aspects of our lives.  Sometimes it means taping a goal on the mirror so that we see it every morning… Eyes on the Prize.

What is YOUR prize? 



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