WordPress is an amazing tool for publishing to the web. It is at once both incredibly simple AND extremely powerful. Almost anyone can create a dynamic and engaging web site through WordPress… if they make the attempt.

Part of the power of WordPress is in the extensibility of the platform through plug-ins. The large community of WordPress users have created these little snippets to solve problems or overcome shortfalls of the basic program.

These are some of my favorites…

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WordPress is an amazingly cool and powerful tool for building a website.  It is one of my two favorite CMSs (Content Management Systems)… the other being Joomla.

What makes WordPress cool is that it doesn’t take a team of geeks to fire it up and make it run every day.  In fact, most people can launch and maintain a WordPress blog with just a little training…  In fact, on some webhosts, a WordPress blog can be launched in under five minutes.

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RSS…  Really Simple Syndication.  Rich Site Summary.

Most of us know what it is… but few are really leveraging it to help create business or simplify our lives…

For those that don’t know, RSS is a news feed.  Basically, by subscribing to a website’s RSS feed, each time the site is updated, we will get the new material either emailed to us or in a “Feed Reader”.

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Here is the Before…

Ok, so if you have been following along, you have seen that you really need both a self-hosted WordPress blog and an Active|Rain RainMaker blog.

You say, “OK there Skippy, now what?”

Well bunky, you need content… GREAT, compelling, addictive content.  And you need to present it in a great, compelling and addictive way.  Venture out from the wall of words and throw so fun at the wall and see if it sticks.

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I can’t help it.  Each year, as summer wanes towards fall, I get the itch to mess with my blog.  I don’t know why… I just can’t help it.  I like it.  I think it is pretty cool, but I just want to mix it up again.

So, because I know that I am really bad at avoiding the compulsion, I know that I have to start looking around at WordPress themes for LaneBailey.com.  There are tons of cool themes that are free…

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We talk about them so much… and so many are the same… but there are a lot of ways to “blog”…

  • There is always a Traditional Blog

We see them by the hundreds on ActiveRain… these are what everyone thinks of when they think of a blog.  Take some text… maybe add a few pictures or a video.  Poof… you have a blog.

But some people are more tuned to doing something a little different…

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