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Right now there is a small core group looking at the feasibility of a real estate bar camp in the Atlanta area.  If we can put it together, the event will be held this fall… September or October is the likely time frame.

Here are a couple of posts on Active Rain with more info about #rebcATL (that is the ‘official’ Twitter hashtag for the event).

Should Atlanta have a reBarCamp?

A little more about an Atlanta rebarcamp

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I am a FireFox user.  I prefer it over Internet Explorer for a lot of reasons.  It has WAY more flexibility.  And one of our MLSs is even going to be supporting it soon.

I had installed one particular plug-in a long time ago, and was left wondering why.  In fact, when I set up the new computer, I didn’t install that particular plug-in.  But while at REtechSouth (#retso), I attended a session of FireFox, and it was mentioned as a ‘must-have’ add-on.

It is back.  And it is back with a companion.

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I woke up one morning a few weeks ago quite unhappy with all of my websites. They look reasonably good.  They mostly have good traffic (not great, but good).  The ones I am pressing the RSS subscription on seem to have good subscribe rates.

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The Mini-BarCamp CrowdREtechSouth 2010 has wrapped up. It was an incredible event. I have spent the day decompressing from all of the learning of the last two days. The grass is mowed… Toy Story and Toy Story 2 have been acquired for the kids… crops have been grown on Farmville… and I have read some non-tech related blogs.

After every conference and seminar, there comes the real challenge… implementing all of the VERY cool things I’ve learned,

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My Tablet PC is on the ropes… and as much as I wanted to get another, I couldn’t… I got a “normal” laptop…  It is still pretty cool.

I got another Toshiba, the last one was mostly trouble free for the last 5years, I can’t really complain.  I did consider a few other machines…

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