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If you haven’t been in Gmail lately, you might not have noticed Google‘s new toy tool.  It is called Google Buzz.  In a nutshell, Google is integrating a social media component into Gmail.

In Buzz, users can strike up public or private conversations with integrated video, photos and links.  Kind of like the Status Updates on FaceBook.  In that regard, it is a step above Twitter… the king of the micro-blog/status update world.  Twitter doesn’t allow inline photos and videos, so when users share them, viewers have to leave Twitter to view the associated content.

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Facebook Vs Myspace
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What comes next?  A few years ago, did we see Twitter and FaceBook dominating the horizon?  Did we see MySpace falling off a cliff and becoming a place for bars and bands… and not much else?  Did we see the mobile would still be “just around the corner”?  Did we know that video would be EVERYWHERE… and still be almost here?

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The invention of the printing press made it po...
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I just got back from vacation… Thank you, I enjoyed it very much… The family went to Disney World for a week. While there, I was experimenting (again) with Live Blogging.

Basically, using my BlackBerry, I was uploading pictures, videos and text posts to a blog throughout the day. I did take a few moments out of the fun, but much of what was included were pictures or videos I wanted anyway. And they were things I wanted to share with friends and family (spelled M-O-M).

And that kept creeping a thought into my mind…

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PosterousWe’ve all been talking about Posterous.  It is a seriously cool site.  In fact, I have enjoyed using it so much that I am going to start up another Posterous blog to cover personal things going on (like vacation next week).  It is a GREAT platform.

But it isn’t the only platform.  In fact, before there was Posterous, there was Tumblr.  And they are very similar.  Similar enough that many think that Posterous took direct aim at Tumblr when they introduced their platform.

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