This morning I had the pleasure of speaking with the Leaders Network Roundtable in Duluth about effecting a Social Media Plan.

During our hour or so, we talked about several aspects of a broad Social Media Plan, from strategy to measurement.  As promised, here is the outline with some bonus information added…

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While at New Media Atlanta last week I was introduced to a new tool toy.  BackNoise.  I think the easiest ways to describe it are as follows…

Back Noise: baak_noiz,  1. Useful tool to gauge reactions to speakers or other aspects of an event, allowing event participants to freely exchange information with each other during the event. 2. A cross between twitter and a convention of hecklers, often snarking just to snark.

Please note, it is often rude, and the language might make a sailor blush.

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t a useful tool.  It just needs to be understood for what it is…  And I probably saw it differently than most of the people that were watching it at New Media Atlanta.  Most of the viewers were the hecklers event-goers.  A much smaller group were the targets actual presenters.  Since I spent much of the day in the Rockstar Lounge… where the speakers gathered… I was able to listen to the speakers conversing as they read the BackNoise (I just checked and the conversation has expired… so I can’t link to it).

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If you weren’t there, Chris Brogan, co-author of Trust Agents recently spoke at the New Media Atlanta conference.  It was excellent.

He ran through several genres of topics, and even addressed the “Back Noise” channel… by putting it on the screen for all to see.  (Be aware, there is a bit of profanity, and while Chris didn’t “drop the F-bomb”, PLENTY of people on Back Noise dropped it all over the place)

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We talk about them so much… and so many are the same… but there are a lot of ways to “blog”…

  • There is always a Traditional Blog

We see them by the hundreds on ActiveRain… these are what everyone thinks of when they think of a blog.  Take some text… maybe add a few pictures or a video.  Poof… you have a blog.

But some people are more tuned to doing something a little different…

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I really want to take a moment to thank Corey and Marcia at Garner Creek at Parkview for hosting our Blogging, Active Rain and Social Networking Workshop.  We had to change the location at the last minute to accommodate the extra people that expressed interest, but everything went off pretty well.

As mentioned during the workshop, I wanted to load all of the resources up here so that those attending would be able to reference them later.  Below is the Powerpoint that we used.  Feel free to surf around for more information.

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OK, these are presented in any specific order… but over the next couple of weeks, I will be posting up useful tools for real estate agents to utilize in a Web 2.0 world.  There are so many tools, sites and technologies… and every day there are new ones entering our sights.

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